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Colored Human Character Drawings
For those who like my drawings, I'm accepting commissions, as you know my specialty are manga-like chracters and I love drawing moe things, so, this is it, maximum two characters per commission, it's simple, you just need to give me what I have to do, remember be specific in what you want.

I may take some days to few weeks in completing a commission, depending how busy I am at the moment.
Character Sketches
I can sketch human characters and also some other things, except complex animals, I can also draw in chibi style, just tell me and I'll try to do it, it can be a digital sketch.
Wallpapers and Abstract Backgrounds
Another of my specialties, my strength is in the contrast of illumination and darkness, I love creating cristallic, shiny, and abstract backgrounds, you just need to say what you want and that's it.     
Chao Commissions
Want a Chao like mines? I could make it, just tell me what you want and I'll try my best.

The Rules are the following:

Bullet; Blue You must be specific about what you want, also if you want it with background or not, and the type of background if it's the case.
Bullet; Blue I can draw a maximum of two Chao in the same commission.
Bullet; Blue I didn't draw clothed Chao, these creatures don't need it, they are Chao.
Bullet; Blue I only make Chao that looks like Chao, the Chao are simple but cute creatures, they don't need to be so complex to be like that, but I'll try to follow the concept you gave me, since I feel like I can make any Chao.
Bullet; Blue I may take from a few days to a week or more making one of these drawings, although I generally make it quick, It also depends if I'm busy.
Bullet; Blue Price could change over time.

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Cesare Di Girolamo
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I go by the nick Blizzard White since it was the name of my first Aether character, some people call me Blizz, I'm a calm and peaceful person, I like cute, soft, shiny and bright things, I'm somehow cold (I can be a little harsh) but warm in the inside, that's me.

I'm working on a fantasy project called Aether Chronicles, most of my characters belongs to the project, someday I want to do something great with that project, first I want to do some kind of novel, but we'll see.

By now I mostly draw because I want to improve my abilities, since I want to be capable of express in a graphical way many things on my explosive mind, I like to take challenges, although I feel like I lack of talent, I work hard to be better even without natural talent, I'm all about my skills.
As I said I came back, I've been about 3 months without internet and I'm uploading many  of the drawings I've done during the last months, I'm still working to draw better, and I'm challenging myself to accomplish that goal. I'm trying to be active and I'll be doing many drawings, not daily but I'll try. And sorry for the drawing spam, I just wanted to upload new things, when I'm depleted of drawings I'll be taking it in a slower pace.
  • Listening to: I Still Believe - Narnia.
  • Eating: Sandwich.
  • Drinking: Ice tea.


[Concept Art] Beryl Glenstorm
Beryl's is Martha's neighbor and teammate, he's not so tall, and this alog with his long hair confuses some people and make them think he's a girl, that aside, Beryl is a sleepyhead, as he spends hours sleeping, watching TV on his coach and eating nachos and jelly beans, but he loves art, and while he's awake, he usually is painting, drawning or sculpting something, at first sight he may be the weakest and slowest of his team, but he has an unique ability, called Soft Heart, wich makes his body very elastic, to the point he can resist impacts or stretch his body.

Aether Chronicles, its characters and concepts belongs to our team and me.
[Commission] Shyly and Aerial Swift The Chao
Commission of Shyly The Lura Chao and Aerial Swift The Breeze Chao, both Chao belongs to TreeofLife911.

I hope you like it.
[Concept Art] Pyry Arlys
Pyry Arlys, she's the leader of Team Time Roar which Wynhaul belongs to, she's also Adley's cousin; she can be very prideful, also quite rebellious, harsh and violent, she gets really mad when someone don't follow her orders, but despite she seems very violent, she's very smart in many things, specially as a strategist, her fighting style lets her use powerful physical and special attacks, if an enemy understimate her, it would get crushed, she's capable of use the power of fire and ice at the same time, also she can slow down the enemy's movement or accelerate herself using her Freezing Deceleration and Blazing Acceleration abilities respectively.

Her weapons are called Die Vernichter, which means "The Destroyers", a special pair of gloves and boots made for increase the raw power of her hands and feet, which are already powerful, they use a special system that let her channel the Aura around her body and eject it to increase the power and speed of her moves.

Aether Chronicles, its characters and concepts belongs to our team and me.
[Concept Art] Aspen Gotch - New Version
I improved Aspen's design according to my current skills ir order give him more personality, I hope you like it.

Aspen is one of the main characters of the fourth saga within Aether Chronicles, he is an idealist who can be a bit silly and likes taking risks, but he is learning that not everything is ideal, so he is in the path to becoming a true warrior.

Previous Design

Aether Chronicles, its characters and concepts belongs to our team and me.
[Concept Art] Rhoswen Mont Blanc
She was recently transfered to Utgard Academy, and assigned to Martha's team, Rhoswen comes from a rich family, her father is the president of a processed meat and sausages company, and her mother is a half-vampire alchemist, wich explains her aloof personality and why she likes her gothic lolita style, but she is pretty sarcastic though.

Aether Chronicles, its characters and concepts belongs to our team and me.


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